Adults needing to Grow Up

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Posted by Taz

Put on your big girl panties and suck it up! I can't fix your jacked up life and am tired of hearing you complain about it!

...if you believe the rumors being told your as bad as the one who is telling it.

Just because a person is over the age of 18 does not make then an adult. An adult is someone who is responsible and productive!! Get a clue!

Awww someone is acting like a baby, do you need a cookie?

Some people only age by number, not by maturity level

wonders: "Why is it that children try to act like adults, and most adults act just like children."

By your age you are legally considered an adult. If your maturity level is such that you can't behave like one - can u at least just pretend 4 a while?

thinks u need to take a good look in the mirror. U think I'm the 1 who needs to grow up?! u wouldn't kno a grown woman if she hit u in the face!!

It's funny how the people that tell you to grow up are actually the same ones that have the most growing up to do.

Don't attempt to drag everyone you come in contact under the bus with you just because you were stupid enough to play in traffic!

aw, that's so adorable! you're so pathetic that you try to turn people against me. yeah, that's REAL mature!

I'm not pissed off, you think you phase me.HA! Don't you wish? I ignore your stupidity though, it IS NOT that I'm pissed off! It's called being an adult!

boys are like babies, never grow up and don't know when to put their big boy boxers on.

It's called the past for a reason; stop blaming it for your inability to grow up and take responsibility for your actions now.

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