Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Posted by Taz

growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional...that is why we have so many immature people in the world!

For some, growing up is not even an option.

This ain't Candy-Land and I am not the fairy God Mother, so don't expect me to sugar coat life for yea!

is thinking that some people have the "Peter Pan Syndrome", because they will NEVER grow up.!

You're well over 18, so when are you going to grow up?!

being over 18 does not make you an adult, nor does having a child, or blaming you mistakes on others. looks like you may have a ways to go sweetie...

I've been told about the Drama in High School, but it is much worse when it shows up in the Adult world. Grow up People!

Quit playin games with my heart!It's not a toy!If toys amuse you go 2 Toys-R-Us!I'm not your personal toy train or whatever!Grow up and treat a girl right!okay?

U apparently have something to say about me behind my back- say it to my face. What's wrong? U afraid of what i have to say back to u? grow up or grow balls!

Its time to grow up and get off the off the self pity plane headed for Nobody Loves Me Island and get over it! Your not the only one whose had a hard life

No one can ruin your life, It's YOUR life! Grow up, Move on and GET OVER IT already! Stop crying to everyone about how horrible your life is! SPOILED BRAT!

some peoples age don't match their mental growth, CAN WE SAY "GROW UP" just cause your age says your an adult don't make you one!!!

that "he said, she said" game is about as cool now as it was in junior high and is still just as childish~come on people grow up already

People are allowed to make whatever choices they want in life. But why lie about them? Grow up.

Awww someone is acting like a baby, do you need a pacifier or possibly a bottle?

it still amazes me how people can blame their "lack of responsibility" on someone what age do you grow up?

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Leslie Lim said...

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