Bitchy and Mean

Thursday, December 23, 2010
Posted by Taz

I am tired of playing helpless little girl, sick of the broken heart; time to do stuff like the boys do; lead em on & ditch em..its time to learn to play the game

Before you judge me, my actions or my ways, just take a good look in the mirror and look at yourself before failing to hurt others bcuz darlin, you aint perfect

People will love me. People will hate me. Others will secretly wish to be me

You are so FAKE I swear I saw the words "make in china" etched into the back of your neck!

When people call me a b*tch i turn around and thank them for the compliment. Hey, at least I'm honest.

Step 1. Think before you speak. Step 2. Think again. Step 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 over again until you can actually say something intelligent!.

Name Calling. Bullying. Playing Games. Crying. "He said / She said" - No I"m not teaching a class full of kindergarten kids - it's just another day at work.

OK so I am loud and sometimes a pain, but you have to admit I am honest and keep life interesting and do not stab u in Ur back

I have an awesome idea, but first, I need a pitcher, tequila, lime, salt, duct tape, a target, and volunteers. MBOS (Must bring own shovel)!

I Dont pay attention to people who talk behind my back, it simply means i am two steps ahead of them

Oh I have an idea..Why dont you worry about your OWN man?? Oh thats right--YOU DONT HAVE ONE!!

I'm not mean , I'm just simply evil without trying there's a difference

Does not want to be held responsible for anything that comes out of her mouth today. And suggests everyone keep a safe distance.

You think I'm jealous of you? Think again little girl. Who has done better in her life? Me or you? I think we all know the answer to that one darling!

keep talking behind my back , its funny how you always think of me EVERY SINGLE F*KING DAY

All women have a psycho switch...Some just turn on easier than others =)

If you can't handle the truth, Don't ask my opinion because i will tell you exactly what i think.

B.I.T.C.H= beautiful individual that corrects hoes.

I don't need your attitude. I have one of my own and trust me mines much worse

You see that bright thing in the sky? Its the Sun. The Earth revolves around It. Not YOU!

i laugh at the people that try to be like me. because the one thing that they haven"t figured out is that i"m a limited edition

wonders if pepto bismol cures diarrhea of the mouth? If so I know a few people who could use a few bottles of extra strength!

When I need a good laugh. I go to your page and read the fake a$$ comments and posts. hahahahaha Yep, it never fails you crack me up!


Anonymous said...

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