People Piss Me Off

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Posted by Taz

i think there are some people in this world that are trash that need to be taking to the land fill where they belong so they fit in with all the other trash

how about instead of a poke feature we have a punch in the face feature? could use that some days.

Men are natural warriors, but a women in battle is truly blood thirsty... so keep pushing me and you see what this mean.

Well i was accused of doing something that i didn't, so guess what! I went and did what i was accused of doing. Hope your happy now!

If you think your attempts at making me angry are working, look at my face, I'm laughing like hell!

keep talking to me, keep trying to get me to talk and laugh with you. Why aren't I? Maybe because you ticked me off and YOU KNOW IT! Be grateful I'm quiet!

I would rather pour vinegar into an open wound than ever be with you again..Please feel free to drop dead.

Kill them with Kindness... kill them with kindness... kill them with kindness... kill them with kind... KILL them ... KILL THEM!!

Y do ppl push u over the edge, They push every button! U do everything u can till eventually KABOOM!! Oh I'm sry did I do that 2 Ur face?

says you make it difficult to maintain my "never murdered anyone" streak.

To the person who just ruined my day- May the itch of a thousand crabs burn like tentousand suns and may your arms be to short to scratch- have a VERY nice day

I realize you have no life, but instead of butting into mine, could you please go watch a soap opera??

Uh Oh... just saw the little devil on my right shoulder punch the little angel on my left shoulder off...this cant be good... woo to all who cross my path

If you can post things about me on your Facebook why don't you go right ahead and say it to my face, I'd happily give you my feedback in person. :)

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Cindy Dy said...

Very interesting story. I didn't find it boring to read. In fact, I really had a fun reading your post. Thanks.