Funny Random Humor

Monday, October 22, 2012
Posted by Taz

is thinking: "I think thinking thinks thoughts that thoughts think they're thinking when I'm thinking ". I thought thoughts think, but I thought wrong.

I bet back in the 1850's people thought we were gonna have flying cars and time traveling but no! We just get shaped rubber bands and backwards robes!

If I suddenly smile, run.

1 in 4 people are crazy. Look at your 3 closest friends, if they seem OK, you're the one!

It's okay to talk to yourself, and it's even okay to answer yourself. Its when you start going, "huh? What did you say?" that the men in the white coats show up

The proper word that describes you would be vinegar sac, yep I just said douche bag but in a fancy way!

I may randomly burst out in laughter. Don't worry. It's an inside joke. You may not get it, but WE do.

screw the box! i think outside the straight-jacket ;)

what do you call Winnie the Pooh's grandmother? Pooh-nanny! hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahah

Aging is inevitable, Maturing is optional.

My inner child threw a temper tantrum when the voices in my head refused to share the swings in my mental playground. It was total & utter chaos!

u should have your license plate to say I FORGOT so when someone calls the police and they ask what's the license plate say the person would say I FORGOT!!

says; My special school bus driver said it's okay to lick the windows on the small bus, but if I eat another seat I can't ride any more.

There are 4 level of crazy: 1) talking to yourself 2) arguing with yourself 3) losing said argument 4) no longer talking to yourself

is currently disguised as a responsible adult!!

bent the buckles on my straight jacket today..things are looking up

crazy people don't know they are crazy, i know i am crazy therefor i am not crazy

The voices in my head and my 2 imaginary friends got into a fight and I had to break it up by hitting my head on the wall and telling them CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN!