Ex Boyfriend

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Posted by Taz

Ever looked at your ex and thought..did i really fancy THAT?! or Was i in a coma for all those years?? lol

ever look at your ex and be like, "i must have been drunk that whole relationship"?

if someone makes you cry ,cry a river ,make a bridge and push them of f it

Don't you just hate it when your ex says to you "I'm here if you ever need me". Where the f*ck were you when we were together and I needed you?!

An Ex is called an Ex because they're an EX-ample of who not to date next time

That awkward moment when someone random says "You two look cute together" and the other person is your ex.

When I'm feeling absolutely sorry for myself, I look at my ex-boyfriends girlfriend and feel so much better :)

Why try to be friends with ex-boyfriends when they just turn around and become obsessed with you thinking your getting back together...NOT HARDLY!!!

one mans ex is another mans treasure <3 watch out fellas if you ain't treating your woman right someone else will :)

Your "ex" can be your worst enemies. They know your weaknesses and your personal business.

so...I see you changed your status to "in a relationship"; all I can say is I feel so sorry for her...

You know what yup I really liked you. I admit it, but how I feel bad for the next girl who has to put up with your crap! Yea we'll see how long that lasts (;

It's so hard to find your prince charming in a world filled with toads!

Since I was with you first why don't you ask her how my sloppy seconds taste (: