Bored Weird

Friday, December 2, 2011
Posted by Taz

[] <-this is my box. DONT TOUCH IT

is painting a blue square in the backyard, so google earth thinks I have a pool!

is so bored, I think I might just pull the alarm in the building just to see some hot firemen in action! :)

I'm so bored of being bored I think it's making me even more bored I think I just hit a new level of boredom! Plus I'm not even tired so I can't go to sleep.

Having a friend clearance of Facebook. Write your name down and tell me why I shouldn't delete you :)

If I say I'm bored and start smiling, run.

I'm bored. Time to throw couch cushions on the floor and pretend they are the only thing that will keep me from touching the lava (floor).

If you throw skittles at me and say TASTE THE RAINBOW,I'm going to throw a stapler at you and say WOW,THAT'S A LOW PRICE! :)

I am as bored as a fat kid sitting in front of a salad bar :(

would love to go to the mental house just for a day so i can jump in the walls and roll around in circles while i was wrapped up. at least i wouldn't be bored

I can't stay here. The red and blue gummy bears have me cornered, they are laughing at me. They are lucky I have this white jacket on or I would go ninja on 'em

Dear McDonald's, thank you for not serving hot dogs. I don't think I could order a McWiener with a straight face :)

A B C D E F G, monkeys r chasing me, 1 is red, 1 is blue, the green 1s got my shoe, now I'm running 4 my life, bcuz the red 1s got a knife!

Got bored today, so i put on a blue shirt, tan pants and went into Best Buy and quit!

OK, I need to tell you something really important. Crap, I forgot. Wait... Oh I remember. Opp never mind. Oh K, now I remember. Now, I need to tell you... Hi.

I do believe I am more bored than a monkey with no poo to throw!

If u need a friend text me! If u need a hug ask me! If u need some extra cash!.. this line has been disconnected