Mental Issues Funny

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Posted by Taz

Customer: How much is an eminem?
Clerk: 50 cent.
Customer: What?!? That's Ludacris!

BREAKING NEWS: I just found out there is nothing wrong with ME, it is the WORLD that has issues ;-)

do worms pee?

Excuse Me Sir, could you please tell me if this cloth smells like chloroform ? :)

is only crazy 95% of the time.. the other 5% is totally insane!! :p

I love my pillow cause it gives me different hairs styles everyday!!

Mental attitudes are contagious. If mine doesn't kill you, it leaves a interesting smile on your face.

some days,the little angel on my left shoulder is out somewhere, and I'm alone with the little red guy on my right.Those days I suggest all u ppl watch out. :D

The good thing about being poor is that when you are 70, your kids won't try to have you declared legally insane so they can have control of your estate!

...knows that only crazy people think they are not crazy, so as long as I admit to being crazy I must actually be sane!

The first time you meet me, you'll think I'm crazy. The second time will confirm your suspicions.

crazy? i was crazy once. they put me in a room with no windows. it drove me nuts. nuts? i like nuts! except not the sunflower kind they drive me crazy. crazy?

ME! WHAT?! I am not bad! I am just mischievously creative ;) xx <3 xx

had a mind once... but kept giving people pieces of it and now it is ALL gone...

My new medicine makes life easy. It's called FUKITOL.

people always ask me "Do you know what you are" and i always answer the same way "Yep, crazy, funny, with a pinch of insane"

I'm not easily distracted. I'm just- LOOK!! A SQUIRREL!!!

you dot hav to be crazy to be my friend... but it totally helps :)


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