Halloween Funny

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Posted by Taz

What's the definition of a skeleton?
A striptease that went just too far...

Is off the pumpkin patch to wait for the great pumpkin! HAPPY HaLLowEEn!

BOOOO..Did i scare you?

:) Smile, if you've ever swiped candy from your child's Halloween stash. ;) Blush, if you've ever stolen the batteries out of their toys, to put in yours. ~

With Hallowen coming up im dressing up as a witch so I brought myself a pair of crotchles undies.not for anything sexual just to get a better grip on the broom

Halloween is the epitome of hypocrisy: Women are encouraged to dress slutty, kids take candy from strangers, and it's OK to scare the crap out of them!

There should be no age limit to go trick or treating!

So, what are you going to be for Halloween? well, I was thinking about being, well, INTOXICATED !

Went to WalMart, they must have had a big sale Halloween outfits, most of the customers were wearing them.

your not supposed to talk to stranger or take candy from them, yet on Halloween we go around begging strangers for candy.

What's the best part about Halloween Season??? The Neighborhood thinks that all the screams coming from my place, are just part of the fun!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

Ugh, How can I TELL Halloween is around the corner, WELL the skeletons in my closet are scratching n' clawing n' moaning to GET OUT!!! Ahahaaaaa LOL =p

will be handing out pre-packaged condiments from a wide assortment of fast food establishments for Halloween this year. Trick or treat.

Halloween, on a Monday? Now THAT'S really scary!!

Halloween: The one time of year your parents allow you to go out in the dark of night, dressed like a weirdo, and receive candy from strangers.

Setting aside my broom for the new and faster Swiffer! Let's see those monkeys try to keep up now!!!



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