Funny Cranky Bad Days

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Posted by Taz

Is going to bed, she lost her slipper, her coach turned to a pumpkin, horses turned into mice, and prince charming turned back to a toad...the day sucked!

is going to file today's events in my "sometimes it sucks to be me" file for future reference.

This day brought to you by the word Crap. Spell it with me C-R-A-P!! Thank You!

Some days... You just don't have enough middle fingers... ya know?

Today was like a clogged toilet. No matter how hard I plunged the crap just wouldn't go away.

i hate it how an awesome day turns into a worst day due to some unthoughtful,irritating people!!!

Thinks that to today is one of those days I should of stayed in bed.

You may be having the worst day of your life but all it takes is a good friend to say "Hi" and suddenly you're feeling better and on top of the world

hates it when you think nothing else can go wrong, and then you find out that there is a whole new level of wrongness you haven't discovered yet!

says...You know it's gonna be a long day, when you wake up with your dogs butt in your face...

is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

ever get that feeling when you wake up and you just know it's going to be a bad day , yup that's where i am right now :P

is on silent mode today and it's probably for the best..

You know those days when everything is just crappy and you think it can't get any worse? It got worse.

"sometimes life will slap you in the face".. well today, i feel like it punched me..

...some days I want a "do-over" and other days I just want a "be-over!"

On a day like this there is only one option - turn the music up loud, sing ur heart out and dance til u drop! Just remember to close the curtains and windows!

Bad Day? Ear buds in; music up. Better.

people say they've hit rock bottom. not me. There's a 50 mile tunnel headed straight downhill, rock bottom, a pile of crap, and then there's me.

wants to remind others that God didn't bring you this far just to drop you off! Stay positive! :-D


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