Bad Parents

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Posted by Taz

Bad parenting is not cute, nor should it be ignored. You can't help your children until you receive help for yourself. It is a form of child abuse and neglect.

"Mommy, I miss daddy" "I know sweetheart. It'll be OK. Just reload, aim higher, and try again"

It's kinda sad when a parent has to lie to their kids to make themselves feel better about being a horrible person.

is very sorry to hear that your calling yourself a mom but every time i see you, you never have your kid

why walk around telling everyone u a good mom? When every 1 knows u have every 1 else doing your job as a mom.. Kids need the <3 of their Mom not Grama!!

Just because you may have children, that by no means MAKES YOU A PARENT!!

If I talked to my parents like some of the kids do now, I would not be here to post this.

I want to smack them upside the head while yelling: "Quit breeding!"

If your child, throws tantrums, curses, bites you, throws items at you, tells you what to do, refuses to eat day after day, there could be a bad parenting issue

Just because you helped in the baby making doesn't mean you can call yourself a dad you were a mistake and the reaction of the mistake came something beautiful

it's amazing how many "parents" there are in this world that feel its okay to pawn their kids off and only take responsibility when its convenient for them!!!

If you expect a 2 year old to answer an open-ended question, then you have issues. You are the parent and should learn to make decisions for your child.

Biology has nothing to do with being a Parent. Being there for the child and making sure they're taken care of is what makes you a parent.



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