Bad Friends

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Posted by Taz

Panties are like friends, ever so often you have to throw away the bad ones and get new ones!

I'm sick of being the back-up friend.

It's funny because I've always been there for you and when I need you the most, YOU'RE my problem.

thinks putting more into a relationship or friendship than you get in return is like making a bad investment, continually and intentionally. It makes no sense.

Ever get sick of hearing I miss you from a friend when they are the ones who forgot about you soon as someone else came along...

nope I'm not apologizing... its your fault.

Funny how when i'm upset your either never there or you just don't care; but the minute you are you expect me to drop everything just for you..

if people are going to leave you out of their lives, why should you keep them in yours?

I love it when your friends are your friends when THEY need something, but the minute YOU need something they are suddenly nowhere to be found!

is like a mirror. You get what you give. So, if you don't like how she's treating you, sit back and think about how you've treated her.

ok no offense but, I'm tired of all the drama & your lies & backstabbing so if you're gonna talk about me, tell me to my face, not behind my back.. seriously

is having that feeling again, the grabbing someone by hands full of hair and just SCREAMING in their face until they PISS THEIR PANTS kinda feeling (>_<)

Good friends are 1 in a million, but bad friends are the million before the one.



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