Bad Parenting

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Posted by Taz

1 day ur gonna look back on ur life & I want u to ask urself 1 thing. Did I do EVERYTHING I could for my kids? When u answer "NO" - I want u to be disappointed.

Claiming yourself as a dad to others just to show off doesn't make you a good dad. It just makes you look worse once everyone knows the truth.

claiming yourself as a mom to others just to show off- doesn't make you a good mom. it makes you look even worse once the people know the truth

There is more to being a mother than giving child birth. Your supposed to stay home and take care of them instead of throwing them off on family 2 run the road

thinks some parents need to get off their asses and pay attention to their children, instead of whining!

A good parent supports there children's dream's and goal's as they grow, Not force them into the people you want them to be or whats convenient for you

Will never understand how certain people can bend over backwards for other peoples kids but cant be a proper parent to their own

I can take alot crap, Ive let ppl walk all over me & Ive faked alot of smiles but dont get it twisted Im not a pushover & I draw the line when u f*ck w/ my kid

Pet Peeve#1...Parents who stick their head in "the sand" when their child needs to be disciplined. They refuse to see that they're raising a BRAT who bullies!!

A mother who takes away a father's phone privileges and puts limits on visitation, is a mother who thinks only of herself and her feelings. Feel for the child.

I have heard so much about "dead beat dads" but no one ever talks about USELESS MOMS!

Kids should be Ur first and main concern. Not put on the back burner for a girl or a one night stand. Kids are to be treasured and loved and never 2nd to anyone



Anonymous said...

Oh dear, good parenting is also about knowing how to spell and create a sentence structure...Maybe read a book or two.

Anonymous said...

The comment that "anonymous" posted before
me in! This was intended to give
support to those who are looking for it- go out
of your way to be negative somewhere else!
You're ridiculous! Not necessary! Thank you to
the person who put this info was just what
I was looking for ; )

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Cindy Dy said...

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