Saturday, August 6, 2011
Posted by Taz

Hangovers: God's way of asking you, "Just how old do you think you are?"

is now friends with HEADACHE and DEHYDRATION.

Yup... I definitely caught something... mouth tastes like crap, headache, burning stomach, double vision. must be the new Beer Flu.

has one of those super-hangovers, you know - the sort where you feel like you're scared you're going to die but at the same time you're scared that you won't.

What's a hangover? - a reminder that you had a bloody good night last night ;)

and Vodka are no longer listed as in a relationship as it abused my body last night and no, i don't wish to talk about it :' (

Monday's are like hangovers...Nobody likes them!

's hangover brought to you today courtesy of V-O-D-K-A!

Thanks liver... you are a champ!

Oh hello hangover, nice to meet ya...Now go away (:

drank triple...saw double ...but stayed single...

NAP...brought to you by "2muchboozelastnight*



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