Clever Adult Dirty Minded

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Posted by Taz

What do the Chinese call a 69? . Twocanchew        -___-

What do walking on a tight rope across the grand canyon and getting a blow job off an 80 year old grandma have in common?  Don't look down!

If quizzes are quizzical what are tests? think about it and you'll get it

Me and a friend were walking down the street and saw a dog licking herself. Friend said, "Wish I could do that" and I said "I think you ought to pet her first.

A Girl in China lost her Virginity at the age of 13, she was called 'Sum Yung Ho'

$tick$ & $t0ne$ may bre@k my b0ne$ but wip$ @nd ch@in$ excite me. $o bend me over $m@ck my as$ @nd $how me th@t you like me. :$

I am pebbles..and you are my BamBam..and together we can make your bedrock ;)

hands are so overrated..I think I'll use my mouth ;)

Hubby is feeling on wife and she says,"Not tonight i have a gynecologist appt in the morning and i wanna stay fresh!" Husband: Do you have a dentist appt

If you were a whistle ; I'd blow you. &+ If you were a motorcycle ; I'd ride you so fast (:

Naughty Food: If you take a pickle and mix it with a pretzel, you'll get a dill-dough.

thepenisinmymouth.. for all you dirty minded people it's meant to say 'the pen is in my mouth!'

One of my friends just told me she thinks I'm a closet freak...But what does she know she's never been in the closet with me ;D

The anticipation of swallowing it always makes my mouth water, always goes down smooth and easy, always makes me want more, LOVE Margarita time!;)