Women Jokes

Friday, May 20, 2011
Posted by Taz

I think I'm going to start Belly Dancing!! But I have to charge for a encore. When I stop my Belly keeps going!!

If I had 2 cookies, I'd give you 1. If I had 2 Popsicles, I'd give you 1. If I had 2 boyfriends, I'd give you the other Popsicle.

~A wise man once said, "Ask a WOMAN."~

Menstruation, Menopause, Mental illness. Seems like a lot of woman's problems begin with MEN!
Strange don't ya think?

Diamonds are not a woman's best friend. Chocolate is!

There are 3 times u never mess with a Woman!
1 when its that time of the month
2 when shes pregnant
3 the most important! when shes eating her chocolate

Open this book, you may be amazed what is in these pages...more than the cover even hints too.

We need to remind each other that we are not defined by our relationships. We may LIKE a man. We may WANT a man. But there is no way we NEED a man.


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