Work Sarcasm

Friday, March 18, 2011
Posted by Taz

I did not win the lottery, or rob a bank, or find a million dollars on the sidewalk over the weekend. Therefore I have returned to work.

Is at work...again. Have fun today on my taxes those of you who are too lazy to support yourselves.

Is it still considered a week-END if you have to work both days? Thinking it should be called week NEVER-ends.

No one notices what I do, until I don't do it any more.

Would love to say to a co-worker " the tribe Has spoken" and" you have been voted out of a JOB"

Dear Monday: I despise you. Please go away. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Friday. Thank you.

Heading to the zoo, I mean work, heading to work.

Obviously work policy does NOT allow strangling of coworkers for being stupid, but i can dream cant i?

Keeps clicking my heels three times but when I open my eyes I'm still at work..must have grabbed the wrong shoes!

I feel like I work in a daycare. With all the whining and crying, I feel like handing out pacifiers.

Believes too many people have "cranial-rectitus" at work. Google it.

Believe we should get full benefits from our jobs for all the BS we put up on a daily basis!

Has been cussed at, threatened, abused and called every name in the book. Am I a gang member or a hooligan you may ask? Nope, I work in Customer Service!

I used to worry too much about my job.but then i Stopped. Cause i realized i am not paid enough to worry.

Overworked and underpaid. Overtired and underlaid.

Once work was over today I had only 2 brain cells left, unfortunately one is hiding and the other is looking for it.

Time to go to work..let the headache begin!

My attitude is brought to you today by my co-worker.. Thank them!!



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