Risque Adult

Monday, March 7, 2011
Posted by Taz

What does a G-spot, a woman's Birthday and a urinal have in common? Men seem to miss all three!

Women have special powers. They get wet with out water, They bleed with out injury, They make boneless meat get hard, and make men eat with out cooking 8-)

Romantic films are known to ruin relationships as they give unrealistic expectations to women about what to expect from men. Porn has the same effect on men.

what did the egg say to the boiling water? It gunna take me a while to get hard because the chick over there just laid me

Today, I did it hard, I did it loud, it was wet, and I did it four times in a row. I wish I wasn't talking about sneezing.

it goes in and out of ur mouth,however fast you like,white stuff drips down ur chin and then you spit,guys thts how you brush ur teeth,what did you think ;D

Karma is like a 69er. You get what you give :)~

Men are the best cooks; because wit 2 nuts 1 sausage n a little bit of milk she can fill a woman tummy for 9 months!

Take me home, make me moan, lick me like an Ice Cream cone. ;P

Wondering, how can anything two inches long be considered "Fun Size"?

what does Viagra and Disneyland have in common.??
they both make you stand around for an hour waiting for a two minute ride.

why do people put their relationship status as " its complicated "?? We all know that means ur single but still doing ur ex.. why advertise that???

While making love, she says to her wife "Babe, let's do a 68" Wife asks, "68? Whats that?" So the husband replies "You do it to me and Ill owe you 1"

Women are cannibals! They swallow little unborn children! :O

Spread them wide and lick their creamy filling. God I love Oreos !

The 5 KINGS that make people happy...drin-king, smo-king, lic-king, su*-king and f**-king.

Pro Tip: If someone asks you if you "have a sec" and you answer "I have lots of secs", they will forget their original question.

When it goes down, I scream. When it comes up, I lean backwards with pleasure. When it goes faster, I beg for more.Damn..gotta love roller coasters.

really wishes u were my homework...I'd throw u on the table, u would be really hard, n i would do you all night to make sure you were finished...

Is NOT the guy your momma warned you about.
Your momma didn't have this much imagination!

wants you to remember my heart is yours...and as a special bonus, you get all my other parts absolutely free!

Santa is just like every other man. Comes and goes in less than 5 min, eats your food, calls you a HO, leaves before you get up.



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