Fishing Humor

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Posted by Taz

To fish or not to fish...what a stupid question!

if God wanted us to be vegetarians he woulda made broccoli more fun to shoot at and lettuce more fun to fish for

I traded my husband for a brand new fishing pole.. best damn trade I ever made

People these days look like they got their head stuck in a tackle box! Whats up with all the piercings? I mean come on. =p

DTF; Down To Fish. ;D

T.G.I.F thank god i fish

M.I.L.F ( man i love fishing)

fishing is like a roller coaster every time u catch a fish u scream when u don't catch a fish the ride is over and that cycle repeats for ever

It amazing to me that you need a license to fish, but anybody can make a baby!

redneck word: DEBATE= ``Hey Fred, did you bring Debate.''

Never trust a sushi bar next to a bait shop

We go fishin & hunt mushrooms, we like nascar & tractor pulls, we shoot guns & ride horses...some would call us tomboys, but we're just "Good Ole Country Girls"