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Saturday, February 18, 2012
Posted by Taz

My-space & Facebook got divorce. Looks like Facebook got the custody of all the kids

Facebook is like a drug; very addicting. and when ur on it, u poke people, talk to walls and run your own imaginary farms, cities and islands

Facebook is the only place where enemies are also friends

Facebook is NOT a diary! Don't write your problems on here, get a therapist

Coffee,facebook, breakfast, facebook, lunch, facebook, dinner, facebook, watch TV, say goodnight to FB friends then bed- & I'm told I don't do anything all day

Funny thing about Facebook is that u can comment about 1 person & 20 others will think it is directed toward them...I guess if the shoe fits..Right!?! Ha ha x)

: If my house is clean, it means that Facebook is broken.

Facebook is a major city, Twitter is a vacation spot, and My space is a ghost town.

For those who keep sending me farm ville requests Please stop! I got banned because i was growing marijuana and selling it in Mafia Wars!

Nobody is as ugly as their ID pictures and nobody is as cute as their Facebook profile pics

You know your family has issues when they delete you as a friend on FACEBOOK.

OH OUCH you deleted me off Facebook, whats next you throw a marshmallow at me and expect it to hurt?

Facebook- A free place to find all the drama you could ever want.

I don't mind if others don't like me. After all, I'm not a Facebook status.

Facebook, where everyone is happy & successful, the kids are wonderful & beautiful, the spouses are perfect & lovely...it's the wonderful world of imagination!

some days I feel like I'm talking to a wall. Oh wait ~ I'm on face book. I *AM* talking to a wall!


kimchi said...

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