Saturday, February 18, 2012
Posted by Taz

a blond opened up a box of cheerios and said look "mini donuts"

I no longer have blonde moments, it is now a way of life!

While you laugh...sruoh rof ysub ednolb a peek uoy woh siht (read everything after period backwards)

two blonds were standing outside one said witch do u think is closer Florida or the moon? the other blonde said the moon because you cant see Florida from here

a blond and a brunette are walking in the park and the brunette says,"look!! a dead bird!!" the blond then looks in the sky and says ,"where?!" lol

The great thing about blond jokes are that everyone gets them. Except blonds, who think they are regular life moments.

What do u do when a blonde throws a pin at u?U run like hell, cuz she has a hand grenade in her mouth!

don't you just hate it when you forgot your phone and its in your hand? Ugh! It happens to me all the time!!

is duck tape actually made out of ducks