Blonde Jokes

Saturday, February 18, 2012
Posted by Taz

Blond got pulled over for speeding and the sheriff was writing her a ticket. Blond:Cant I just buy ticket to the policeman ball? Cop:Policemen don't have balls.

10 blonde's and 1 red head where hanging off a cliff on a rope red head says:i will let go to save Ur guys lives blonde's:woo and they clap

Brunette: Hey,, wanna hang out.? Blondie: Sure.! Brunette: Where do you live.? Blondie: In a house. Duh.!

Blond: what does i.l.y mean? Redhead: i love you. Blond: whoa. but i don't love you. Redhead: *sighs*

A Blondie is given the chance of naming her sister's twins due to her sister falling into coma. After hard consideration she names them Denyse and De-nephew.

A Blondie and a brunette had a sleepover.Brunette:There's a serial killer in the house! Blondie: I have to save my cocoa puffs! Brunette: *sighs*

blond-My ears are burnt. Doc-What happened. blond-the phone rang & i accidentally picked up the iron instead.Doc-What about you other ear.blond-They called back

Blonde and brunette are walking in a park together. Brunette: Why do you have TGIF written on your sneakers? Blonde: So I remember that Toes Go In First!

Blonde: What does ILY mean? Boyfriend: I love you. Blonde: Thanks. I love you too. But seriously what does it mean?

Two blondes are driving to Disneyland. They see a sign that reads: Disneyland left.. the blondes turn around and leave ...

Someone tells a blonde, I like Eminem. The blonde says, I like Skittles. The person says, No the rapper. the blonde replies, Who cares about the Wrapper?