Crazy Voices in My Head

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Posted by Taz

just got a ransom note from ninja squirrels, they took my gummy bares and Twinkies hostage. my little green plastic army men are now on a rescue mission

I didn't loose my marbles, the people inside my head are playing with them! LOL

I am getting pretty mad at them monsters under my bed. Their rent is past due. The monsters in the closet keep their rent paid a month ahead. Go figure.

OUCH! i just fell, no i attacked the floor because it tripped me. :D

i saw a flying cow yesterday. it was purple and i named him Phillip...i wish the dancing unicorn had seen him but she was too busy laughing at Steve the snake!

gummy bears r chasing me! 1 is red and 1 is blue, 1 is trying 2 steal my shoe. Now I'm running 4 my life, cuz the red 1 has a knife..Why am I running again?

if I laugh randomly when you are talking to me, don't worry, the voices are telling me jokes

... If a flaming watermelon falls into a river a turns purple, how many gerbils does it take to unscrew a giraffe?

I have a plan!!! but I'm need 3 monkeys, a watermelon 7 grapes a piece a piece of chocolate and lots of glue.. Who wants to help?


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