Naked Humor

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Posted by Taz

Do porn stars and prostitutes have nightmares about going to work clothed?

Freedom is when you take your bra off...

Friday night and I still have my clothes on. Something has gotta give here...

the bike was dirty, and I was in need of a quick shower, so I rode the motorcycle thru the automatic carwash naked. Note to self-DO NOT SELECT HOT WAX NEXT TIME

when you don't know what to do or handle something. get naked! then everything will be alright ;)

I have an unconditional urge to run through the streets completely naked -- you better hope for your sake that the urge passes!

A naked person fears no pickpocket.

is running through downtown naked holding a margarita. Feeling kinda lonely, anyone else coming?

Psst I have a secret I'm naked under my clothes don't tell anyone OK

I'm leaving this world the same way I came into it (Naked and Screaming)

has a new motto for the day - Life is short, party naked! Who's going to join me?

Is a turtle without a shell homeless or naked please answer below!

I think the next time Jehovah's witnesses come to my door I'm gonna answer it naked and ask if they wanna find Jesus with me.

we often spend so much of our money on buying clothes... but never realize that some of the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes!

sometimes has the urge to run around naked, but then she drinks some Windex and it stops her from streaking



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