Anger Management

Friday, May 20, 2011
Posted by Taz

...keeps repeating to herself, "It is NOT worth the jail time;" "It is NOT worth the jail time." But, dang it! Sometimes it just IS. :)

No..I'm not mad(loads gun)..I always walk around loading a shotgun(closes and pumps gun) turn around fuker and start runnin.

Anger Management Tip: Try thinking of something funny to cool off, like choking a smurf to see what color it turns.

The world wouldn't need Anger Management if we had Stupidity Management.

Is taking a new approach on how I handle my problems. So, wanna meet me at the shooting range tomorrow?

REVENGE is a dish best served upside the head with a cast iron frying pan!

People say i need anger management. I think i have my anger quite managed thank you. Give me that bat and I'll show you :)

Just because I punched someone in the face, doesn't mean I need anger management. Maybe punching that someone in the face was me managing my anger!

They have anger management classes for a reason but they don't work unless you actually go to them.

I don't give attitude, I just return it.


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